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No Way, No How...But Wait....She Did It!

Posted on May 24, 2013 at 8:00 PM

By Annette Duda

Joining a gym was never an option for Sharon. At least twice she joined a gym and asked for her money back after one workout. “I hate exercising! I am not going to gym. Pay to exercise? Oh no, that is not for me.”


So how the heck did Sharon become addicted to group exercise classes at Pilates Plus? “My friend Yvonne kept bugging me to try a Booty Barre class.” Having no idea what she was in for, Sharon came to a Booty Barre class and despite having to ask why we would actually have to work the “other” leg, she persevered through the class. It won her over. She came again. She tried a Body Pump Class. She came again. With that, her new addiction was born. “This is new for me; I never thought I would actually pay for a membership and use it.”


Like many women, Sharon found that working out regularly with friends helped her deal with the stress in her life and gave her mind a mental break that she has needed. Sharon has had more than her fair share of stress factors in her with the hustle of daily life, trying to juggle work, marriage, and children. Her adversity tipped the scales however, with a daughter diagnosed with cancer at 18 months old and the continuing care for her as she is living with treatments, remissions and setbacks. Her sister was also diagnosed with cancer and recently passed in December. Sharon was gone for a while to attend her sister’s funeral in Japan. She was surprised that she missed taking classes at Pilates Plus and could not wait to get back. “Being with everyone at the studio has really helped me handle things.”


Beth Self, Owner of Pilates Plus says Sharon is a joy to have around. Always making jokes and pushing to exceed her limits, she is not surprised that Sharon has transformed her body and lost many inches. Sharon says she did not “diet” but she did become acutely aware of how many Body Pump classes it would take to burn off what she was putting in her mouth. With Beth’s consistent reminders of what average calories were burned after each class, Sharon left with a mental note that kept her re-thinking choices when it came to eating.


Sharon cannot wait to get to the studio after a long day at work. “It is my escape, a time when I am taking care of me. Body Pump is my favorite. When Beth tells me I should be adding weight, I do it, not because I want to, but I know I need to keep challenging myself.”


When all is said and done, it is not about inches or losing weight. It is about taking time for yourself, exercising to help ease stress and having a place to go that provides the comfort of friends and support. Looking great in a little black dress doesn't hurt either.

Don't Walk In Silence! Celebrate Sound Sarasota

Posted on April 11, 2013 at 2:45 PM

There will be NO Group classes @ Pilates Plus on Saturday May 4th.


In lieu of classes I would love for you to join me in this walk for the "CELEBRATE SOUND" Don't Walk in Silence™ this is a 3 mile walk to support Sertoma.


This fund- and awareness-raising walk event was created to help promote hearing health in our communities. I have created my own team called Pilates Plus and want you to be a part of it. Great things can be accomplished when people work together, all it will take is a couple hours of your time. I promise we will have fun!

To join my team click on the link below. You will see a link that says "Join Our Team" in the upper right hand corner. Thank you for helping me make a difference in the lives of others!


If you want to receive a T-shirt for the event you must register for the walk by Wed. April 17th.

Thanks to those clients who have already given me their donation. If you would like to make a pledge please know that any amount will help!


Please click HERE to join our team or sponsor a donation.

Half of funds raised stay with the sponsoring Sertoma club for support of projects in this community; the other half help fund Sertoma's national hearing health mission projects. In just the past 10 years, Sertoma has:

o Awarded $880,000 in college scholarships to undergraduates who are deaf and hard-of-hearing, and to students pursuing graduate education in speech-language pathology or audiology;

o Made $1 million worth of grants to local nonprofits that provide hearing healthcare in communities across the nation

o Provided an additional $150,000 in professional education grants to hearing health and speech pathology professionals continuing their education

o Delivered educational and awareness-building noise-induced hearing loss prevention programs to more than 250 communities.

In just two years, Sertoma's newest action campaign has brought information and education on looping into at least 40 communities. Looping is a technology that greatly improves public accessibility for people using assistive hearing devices.

Thank you again for your generous support of our efforts.




Posted on April 9, 2013 at 8:05 AM

We all know that Nutrition and Exercise go hand & hand!

Join us at Pilates Plus for a an informal Nutritional Workshop

Learn about yourself and what changes you can make to feel better about yourself. There is so much we all can learn. The topics of discussion will be:

*Weight Management


*Genetic Testing with Gene SNP

* Heart and Bone Health

* Physical Activity and Training


Join us on Saturday April 20th 1pm for this “FREE” workshop.

Join me in welcoming Nora Clemens, RD, LD/N. Nora Clemens is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist. She has been a Nutrition Expert for over 30 years. Her passion is working with people to help them achieve health and wellness through nutrition and fitness. Nora prides herself in designing programs that meet each person’s unique nutrition and lifestyle needs by helping them overcome the obstacles that have previously stood in their way. You can see her at her office: 8590 Potter Park Drive, Suite C, Sarasota, 34238 or via Skype from the comfort of your home or office. Call Nora today to make an appointment for a complimentary Nutrition Discovery Session, 941-445-1170.


Space is limited so please contact Beth to reserve your spot.

[email protected] (941) 400-7422


Special Thanks for Year Round Reformer Clients

Posted on April 8, 2013 at 8:20 PM

I would like to say a special thank you to my year round reformer clients! During the months of June, July & August. I will be teaching 2 free mat classes each month that you can attend.

June 5th @ 10am

June 19th @ 6:30pm

July 10th @ 10am

July 24th @ 6:30pm

Aug 7th @ 10am

Aug 21st @ 6:30pm

Also as an added bonus please chose 1 class in each month to use as a “free” reformer class. That’s a $75 value - please accept this gift from me to each of you!

Easter Treats!

Posted on April 8, 2013 at 7:15 PM

Thank you to everyone who participated in our roll out of body pump track 85 on Easter weekend! I think we all enjoyed the new exercises especially the “lunge track”!

Those who attended were able to hunt for a special Easter egg after class.

Lori S found a lucky egg with a free massage!

Sharon B snagged herself a free reformer class!

Lisa M receives 50% off an Oh My Bod! clothing item!

Linda S walked away with a free ab stability ball for home use!

It was exciting and lucky others got some Easter bunnies & chocolate treats!


7 Day Access Pass!

Posted on March 15, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Do you know someone who is visiting and wants to stay on their workout routine while they are vacationing at the #1 beach in the world? Why not offer them our 7 day vacation pass. This pass includes 7 days of group classes (Booty Barre, Body Pump, Mat Pilates & Zumba) as many times as they would like to attend along with a 60 minute massage all for just $79!

Booty Barre Certification Weekend with Tracey Mallet

Posted on March 14, 2013 at 7:15 PM

Providing quality content for classes that challenges and offers the latest techniques, is a commitment that Certified Instructors invest their time in. Pilates Plus was honored to host a very special certification training with Tracey Mallett. Tracey is a World-renowned fitness and wellness expert and creator of “The Booty Barre”, she conducted a Booty Barre training at Pilates Plus March 2nd and 3rd. Beth was honored to have Tracy at her facility and to be a host site for fitness enthusiasts to attend this weekend training.

17 women attended this workshop. Some from our very own sunshine state - Naples, Ocala, Ft. Lauderdale & Ruskin. Some girls, however, traveled from as far south as Puerto Rico, and as far north as Ontario, Canada! Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with our reputation for sunny skies and warm weather!

What is Booty Barre?

Our Booty Barre classes are a fifty-five minute program that combines, Pilates, Yoga and dance, but with a sexy vibe bringing out the best in all ages! The class involves both deep muscle toning but with intervals of cardiovascular work. The music is upbeat and the pace is stimulating. A small ball and light weights are generally used in this class along with the ballet bar. Beth Self, Owner of Pilates Plus is the only certified Booty Barre instructor in Sarasota County!


If you would like to try a Free Booty Barre class at Pilates Plus classes are offered on Tuesdays at 9am & at 6pm, Thursdays at 10am and Saturdays at 10:15am. Click on the BOOK NOW button on the top of the page!


Easter Brings Body Pump & Egg Hunt!

Posted on March 14, 2013 at 5:45 PM

Body Pump & Easter Egg Hunt


Join Beth & Joyce on Saturday March 30th @ 9am for the new track roll out of Body Pump 85! Come to class and see what the new track has to offer, it is always a challenging workout & burns between 500-700 calories!

To celebrate that it is Easter weekend, each person that attends this class will get to select an Easter Egg of their choice . Some eggs will be filled with treats, and special eggs will hold a FREE massage, FREE reformer class, FREE group classes, and an offer for 50% off any clothing item of your choice! If you bring a potential new client (friend, family member, co - worker ) to the class you will be able to chose another egg! Happy Easter Egg Hunting!

https://server18.securedata-trans.com/ap/pilatesplus/index.php?page=10" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Sign Up! Limited Spaces available! 


Beth Self of Pilates Plus Hosts Tracey Mallets Booty Barre Certification!

Posted on February 25, 2013 at 2:10 PM

This weekend, Beth Self of Pilates Plus is honored to host Tracey Mallets  Booty Barre Primary Certification class at Pilates Plus on March 2nd & 3rd. Beth was recently interviewed on Radio SRQ by Ann Cocoran to talk about this great event and unique exercise technique that combines dance, yoga, the ballet barre and balance. Listen to the interview on Radio SRQ

Beth Self is the owner of Pilates Plus, has been in the Fitness Industry since 1994. She received her Group Exercise certification from AFAA-1994. She continued her professional training with the YMCA in 2002 as their Aerobic Director & Group Exercise Instructor. In 2005, she completed her Stott Pilates method of exercise training in Miami.

 In 2005, with one Pilates Reformer (pilates machine) she started her Pilates business. She traveled around Sarasota and Casey Key daily into people’s home with her Reformer in tow. As her business continued to grow, in 2006 she decided to start renting a space in the Tervis Tumbler Bldg in Osprey, Fl. As her client base increased, she went from one reformer in one room, to four reformers in two rooms. She remained in the Tervis Tumbler building from 2007-2012. With the success of developing a loyal clientele, She decided to she wanted to get back to her roots and offer additional training in Group Exercise to her clients.

In April of 2012, she traveled to Miami to begin training with world renowned fitness and wellness expert, Tracey Mallett. Mallett is an International Fitness and Wellness Expert, dancer, choreographer and Master Pilates Instructor who is teaching around the world. In conjunction with Beth’s Pilates studio and background, she liked Tracey’s style of teaching and her “Booty Barre” workout because it is a combination of Pilates+Dance+Yoga. She determined the addition of Booty Barre group classes would be perfect for her clients. She completed her certification in June and she is the only Booty Barre instructor in Sarasota County.

Last July, she opened her current location, Pilates Plus, in Coral Cove Mall on South Tamiami Trail in Sarasota. Pilates Plus is a boutique fitness studio that offers training on Pilates Reformers in groups of four or in a private setting, Group Exercises classes in Mat Pilates, Booty Barre, and Cardio Pump with classes only up to 10 students at a time. Pilates Plus also offers Massage Therapy with two therapists that work 3 days a week.


February Newsletter

Posted on February 15, 2013 at 1:05 PM














Please join us in wishing our very own David Hendry a very Happy Birthday! Please leave a special wish or testimonial for David on our Pilates Plus Facebook wall! Click on the Facebook link below!




Group Exercise Classes are not the same without you!

We want you to join us, however, please remember that you must reserve your spot in class at minimum 24 hours in advance of a scheduled class.

We are a small boutique studio with only 10 students per class, allowing for individualized attention and a tight knit community. We do maintain a policy, however, that we need at least 3 people to conduct a class.

Group Classes that do not have at least 3 reservations 24 hours in advance of the class are subject to cancellation and you will be contacted via text or email if we unfortunately have to cancel.

We encourage you to sign up for classes well in advance! This helps keep classes conducted as we intend! Thank you and we appreciate your business and your understanding in this matter!



We now offer massage therapy 4 days a week at an introductory price of $39.99 for a one hour massage. Regular rates are $49.99 for one hour and $59.99 for an hour and a half.

We now have three Licensed Massage Therapists that will be offering services on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday evenings, Friday afternoon and evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Visit our website to book your appointment by clicking on the BOOK NOW button on our homepage!




Burn Calories With The Fun Of ZUMBA!

Zumba is a high calorie burning workout that let's you lose yourself in the upbeat Latin rhythm! Keep an eye on our website and Facebook Page for the addition of Zumba Classes at Pilates Plus! Coming VERY Soon!




We need your help!

We are trying to spread the word about Pilates Plus through Facebook, our Website and more - in order to do that we need to have a good stock of high quality photos.

Trying to snap a few pictures during class is distracting, difficult and not always how our beautiful members wish to be portrayed!

PLEASE join us on Saturday, February 24th at 1:00 pm for a photo shoot with Annette. We will take several posed shots. Please wear all black to keep the look uniform.

To say thank you we will put everyone who attends name into a drawing for a free massage!







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