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No Way, No How...But Wait....She Did It!

Posted on May 24, 2013 at 8:00 PM

By Annette Duda

Joining a gym was never an option for Sharon. At least twice she joined a gym and asked for her money back after one workout. “I hate exercising! I am not going to gym. Pay to exercise? Oh no, that is not for me.”


So how the heck did Sharon become addicted to group exercise classes at Pilates Plus? “My friend Yvonne kept bugging me to try a Booty Barre class.” Having no idea what she was in for, Sharon came to a Booty Barre class and despite having to ask why we would actually have to work the “other” leg, she persevered through the class. It won her over. She came again. She tried a Body Pump Class. She came again. With that, her new addiction was born. “This is new for me; I never thought I would actually pay for a membership and use it.”


Like many women, Sharon found that working out regularly with friends helped her deal with the stress in her life and gave her mind a mental break that she has needed. Sharon has had more than her fair share of stress factors in her with the hustle of daily life, trying to juggle work, marriage, and children. Her adversity tipped the scales however, with a daughter diagnosed with cancer at 18 months old and the continuing care for her as she is living with treatments, remissions and setbacks. Her sister was also diagnosed with cancer and recently passed in December. Sharon was gone for a while to attend her sister’s funeral in Japan. She was surprised that she missed taking classes at Pilates Plus and could not wait to get back. “Being with everyone at the studio has really helped me handle things.”


Beth Self, Owner of Pilates Plus says Sharon is a joy to have around. Always making jokes and pushing to exceed her limits, she is not surprised that Sharon has transformed her body and lost many inches. Sharon says she did not “diet” but she did become acutely aware of how many Body Pump classes it would take to burn off what she was putting in her mouth. With Beth’s consistent reminders of what average calories were burned after each class, Sharon left with a mental note that kept her re-thinking choices when it came to eating.


Sharon cannot wait to get to the studio after a long day at work. “It is my escape, a time when I am taking care of me. Body Pump is my favorite. When Beth tells me I should be adding weight, I do it, not because I want to, but I know I need to keep challenging myself.”


When all is said and done, it is not about inches or losing weight. It is about taking time for yourself, exercising to help ease stress and having a place to go that provides the comfort of friends and support. Looking great in a little black dress doesn't hurt either.

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