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When Loss Counts by Annette Duda

Posted on January 11, 2013 at 7:05 PM

When Loss Counts

by Annette Duda

Success stories are often inspiring. For many, trying to lose weight is a difficult battle that plagues lives and family members for years. Succeeding to take off significant amounts of weight, takes the right combination of hard work, diet, exercise, support, dedication, perseverance and motivation. Sometimes it takes even more.  Each of these components is different for each individual. What works for one, may not work for another.  The right mix, however, can change lives.


Bardi Whites story is one of those inspiring stories. It has the right mix, the kind that we can all relate to in some way, the kind that allows us to understand the components that led to her 125 lb loss. However, you will learn, her loss was so much more.


Married in 1968 to Ron White, Bardi raised her children and ran her household, putting most things before herself as many women do. As the years carried on, she had no idea how her increasing weight was affecting her marriage and family.  Her husband tried to support her dieting, but she simply hid her bad habits. She remembers how she would slice off a sliver of each brownie on a plate throughout the day, to ensure her husband would not see fewer brownies on the plate than when he left for work. One time, she baked a 10” deep apple pie for him, deciding she could have one small piece.  Then she had another. Not wanting Ron to come home to a pie with a quarter missing, she decided she better just eat the whole pie and wash the dish.


The weight took a toll on her health, with a number of co-morbidities including uncontrollable hyper-tension, chronic arthritis, diabetes, and asthma to name a few.  Her family’s worries grew with each diagnosis.  Bardi’s son Robert challenged his mother with an agreement to quit smoking if she would lose the weight that was slowly taking her life. At 252 lbs, they all feared she would never lose the weight and her medical conditions worsen.


Ron and Bardi decided to try the South Beach diet combined with exercising every night at the YMCA.  While they both followed the same diet and regimen, Bardi was frustrated when she only lost 7 lbs to her husband, Ron’s 35 lb loss. She was up to two diabetic injections per day.


A friend recommended Bardi try Pilates with Beth Self, because she had said it was the only exercise she enjoyed. With the belief that no such exercise could exist, Bardi agreed to meet with Beth and try Pilates. In the beginning, Beth helped her get into position as Bardi could not even lift her arms over her head. Slowly, she increased her strength but more importantly she increased her confidence that she could do it. Bardi said, “I just kept coming back because it was fun, really fun, to see Beth, my friends, have a cup of coffee after.”


Despite exercising regularly and dieting, Bardi could not lose weight. She felt as though she had broken her promise to her son Robert who had successfully quit smoking a year before tragedy struck when Robert was killed in an automobile accident. This loss was Bardi’s final motivation for improving her health by losing the weight, her promise to Robert.


Although her husband, Ron, an orthopedic surgeon, had previously been against surgical weight loss procedures, he researched and recommended a Mini Gastric Bypass to his wife. Bardi underwent the 27 minute laparoscopic procedure and within 22 hours had no pain.  Within two weeks she returned to normal food. She maintained a habit of eating six small meals a day.


She went to North Carolina in May and starting walking regularly. Back to Florida in mid-October, she returned to Pilates with Beth. With a 70lb loss, Beth did not even recognize her.  She began taking more classes with Beth, who she always found fun and encouraging, despite her loving drill sergeant manner, “Did I tell you to stop?” Bardi enjoyed Beth's manner to keep her going.


Now a Pilates Plus client for over 6 years, Bardi trains 2 times per week on the Pilates Reformers, takes two Body Pump classes per week and rides her bike with her husband. She attributes many things to her success of keeping the weigh off, including Beth. She has enjoyed being part of the growth at Pilates Plus, and the excitement of meeting new friends along the way. She emphasizes that Beth has been careful with whom she works with, appreciating that David and Theresa are knowledgeable, personable and fun to be with.


What Bardi has experienced has changed her life. The loss of her son has re-aligned the importance of living each day to its fullest potential. The weight loss helps her to realize now how much she did not like going out, how little energy she had, and how she simply did not feel good about herself. She also realizes how it had affected her marriage. These days, Bardi  bounds with energy, feels great about herself, and can be seen out on the town every Friday night with her husband Ron, their special night to celebrate that losing sometimes means winning.


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